5 thoughts on “A grand view

  1. Yeh were carrying 5 litres of red wine and a litre of rum to keep us entertained in the evenings. Might be a bit toasted if we need to wrestle any bears!!

  2. Hehe. yeah, notice that more was coming once I’ve posted the comment. Oh well.

    Well good going! Only 6 days! That most feel brilliant and like it’s absolutely nothing left for you guys.

    Are you planing on doing anything special for the last couple of days or for the finish line?

  3. Hey that’s pretty quick commenting Nico, I haven’t even finnished uploading all the blogs yet!

    Yes you’re right, we’re well ahead of schedule :) Good job too because my 6 month tourist visa runs out on the 18th of October… Only got 6 days of walking left, should be at the boarder on October the 9th!

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