Before and After



Paul had a little tidy up of his facial hair today, Nicky gave mine a bit of a once over while we were in Steamboat Springs. Since we’re halfway through now, seems like a good opportunity to compare ourselves to when we started. If you’ve forgotten already, this is what Cookie looked like and this is what Paul looked liked. Do you think it’s an improvement?

Also as fast as we’ve been growing facial hair, we’ve been losing the weight, I’ve gone from 185 pounds to 167 pounds. Paul’s gone from 168 pounds to 151 pounds.

Be interesting to see how much more we’re going to change before Canada!

4 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. I don’t plan on taking anything off the length of my beard as I want to see how big I can grow it before Canada! Claire your going to love it ;-) I had it tidied a little so I look less like a bum along with the top but if I had taken any more off I would have looked too bottom heavy.

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