Solana Apartments

You may of seen my previous posts about a Johnny Foreigner character, well the site ‘Solana Apartments‘ they were created for has gone live now. Make sure to check out the Currency Converter and changing the language options in the top right hand corner. It’s our first site at POKE for new client ITV, promoting their new comedy series ‘Benidorm’. Probably worth watching because of Johnny Vegas alone. Creative by Nathan, beautifully bad design by Nico, and I did the illustrations for the phrase book and the ads soon to be appearing on a site near you.

2 thoughts on “Benidorm

  1. Sorry Dave I am just the illustrator who did the Johnny Foreigner character… If you want to put a link to that website, you’ll have to speak to ITV, it’s their site.

  2. A very funny series of the stero typical Brits abroad however the website has done no favours to the many British business owners or the number of new Brtish visitors to the resort. Search engines have put it in the top 10 for a search of Benidorm. Anyone thinking of visiting the resort would be put off by the image shown. It is only a comedy show or course but you know what the public are like for believing what they see on TV and online. a link to the real Benidorm would be great on the website to

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