Blood, Sweat and a few Beers

Right you lot, we’re just about to set off into Glacier National Park on our final leg of the CDT. Only about 100 miles and 6 days of hiking left then we’ll be in Canada and we can finally hang our boots up! It’s been a brilliant trip, not sure if it’ll ever be topped, but this is only half of what we set out to achieve.

We also set out to raise awareness and much needed funds for the CF Trust of which a good friend of ours is a sufferer. For those of you that have already sponsored us we thank you for your support and generosity and for those that have not we ask you to spare a few minutes to sponsor us securely online at:

We are hoping that next time we hit civilisation we will have completed the hike and we hope that we will be closer to reaching our sponsorship target so please give generously. For those names that I don’t see online I will be chasing you up with a sponsorship form next time I see you!

In case you were wondering, that’s strawberry jam on my knee…

2 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat and a few Beers

  1. alright guys you have done what i never believed you would especially you cookie. Well done something to tell the grand children or the twins simon! However, i do think that we would have finshed a few weeks ago paul as i know simon can drag his feet!!! Last big push now see you soon.

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