Broken Feet

Cookies broken feet

Idon’t think my feet have ever been so broken on any other walk I’ve ever been on… Don’t know wether it’s the lack of soft grassy surfaces, the heat, or the shoes I bought online without trying on! But I’ve got some new insoles from Hike & Bike in town, hopefully their going to relieve some of the pounding.

4 thoughts on “Broken Feet

  1. Shoe tips:

    1. Try Merells. I’ve gone through just about every hiking shoe out there, and they are almost breakin free from the get go. REI, cabela’s etc has them in most common sizes.

    2. Whatever size your normal shoe is, go one size up. Thru-hiking your feet will swell a size for most people. For some it’s only a half size, but this is rare. I used to think this was rubbish, but I wear about a 9.5 to 10 in most(measured to a perfect size 10)… however I was always having problems. Never had a problem since I started using size 11 shoes. Perfect.

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