Cat Eat Poop #1

There’s a drawing game I came across a while ago called eat poop you cat, it’s a surrealist game a bit like consequences and exquisite corpse, but more of a mixture of the two. I don’t actually like the name and have started calling and will refer to it as Cat Eat Poop.

Basically everyone writes a sentence on the top of a piece of paper, then passes to the next person. Next stage you have to draw a picture of the sentence you’ve just received, then fold the paper so that the original sentence can’t be seen and pass it on. Next stage you have to write what you think the picture is of, fold then pass on, then draw again etc… Generally you finish when you run out of paper.

I’ve been playing the game at various Christmas meals recently and my belly is still hurting with laughter, it’s such a good game. Going to start posting some of the games, here’s the first one.

First written line: Sachi invents a secret weapon…!

Cat eat poop doodles

Second line: Noodles can kill

Cat eat poop doodles

Third line: People getting killed by Pot Noodles, and Pot Noodles are happy & Partying

Cat eat poop doodles

Final line: Giant snakes from Mars invade planet Earth and they are not friendly!

Note: Generally I think these things are probably funnier when you’re there, but I think they’re great, more to come :)

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