Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub this Wednesday, 30th Jan. Ok so we’re going to be a bit late, Australia Day is on the 26th, but better late than never! Poke’s always had a good amount of Australian employees so were celebrating the founding of their land down under :) We’re moving slightly away from Shoreditch for this one to the Pleasure Unit on Bethnal Green Road – Map. Not been before, but apparently it’s a bit retro and psychadelic, also they’re about to re-fit the place so it doesn’t matter if we trash it. It used to be a gay pub called the Cock & Comfort, what a class name! Get yourself into your tightest shorts & cork hat and head on down, should a good night.

Also I think we’re bringing back by popular demand the GIF Jockey 2.0, so if anyone has an amusing animated GIFs send them my way!

Huge Erection in Shoreditch?!?!

colossus, a huge penis shaped skyscraper in shoreditchHuge cock shaped skyscraper development in Shoreditch! Dave spotted this piss take fly poster outside our office this morning. As Dave points out:

“Someone has gone to a lot of effort for a knob gag. Good on them!”

I quite agree :)

While I’m on the subject of knob gags, here’s a nice cock t-shirt that the Roope sent me.

Here’s the scene out of Superbad where Seth describes his childhood cock drawing problem. I got sent this a lot, since making Cock-a-doodle a few years back everyone thinks that I had a childhood cock drawing problem…

And finally a very enthusiastic fan of Superbad has made this series of animations based on Seth’s penis drawings. Good work and cheers Roelant for the link.

Baby Clothes Monsters

I Rock soft toy made out of baby clothes

A few weeks ago Ant asked if Me & Nicky would customise some Oh Baby baby clothes in any way we saw fit (to use in their shop window), of course we jumped at the chance! We ending up making them into baby clothes monsters, above is my Victorian punk rocker and below is Nicky’s Convict muppet. Not sure if it’ll be what they were after… but we like them!

Oh Baby have a shop just down the road on Brick Lane and an online store here, if you have a Kid you should check them out, they have some really cute stuff.

Convict soft toy made out of baby clothes.

Anyone looking for a room to rent?

Photos of the room to rent and our house

Eleanor has bought a house and is leaving us… £320 a month room available at the end of August in converted factory space in Shoreditch, just off Kingsland Road, right next to the canal (10min walk to Shoreditch center). It’s 4 bedroom, sharing with 2 hirsute English gents and a Japanese girl (smokers). It’s is a great space to live, surrounded by lovely neighbours of similar age and persuasion. We are looking for someone chilled and up for a laugh but also someone who pulls their own weight, does their own washing up but doesn’t live by rotas. The room is like a blank canvas with a double bed, wooden floors and beams – it’s not a huge room but one that you can do what you will with. If you are looking for just a room then sorry that’s just not us. But if you are looking for a friendly house who really enjoy hanging out together then drop us an email.


No insights here, just fringes

Noott's fringe collection so far

Noott has started a blog, I’m overjoyed, shame it’s only about fringes:

“Three things convened which led me here. One, I was given a digital camera for Christmas which meant that – two, I started to take hundreds of pictures of any and every social event or non-event. Three, I started to notice a particular MySpace way of taking a stylised picture for a profile shot… that lone kid in room performs a kind of arm out higher than head, look up and pout into camera thing.”

Loving her description of Shoreditch House:

“People – you – vaguely – recognise – but – only – remember – who – they – are – by – identifying – their – ex (Lisa Snowden) or people – you – vaguely – recognise – but – only – remember – who – they – are – by – a – process – of – elimination (Dave Gorman)”

But good to see she hasn’t lost her taste for the lash:

“By this point I had lost the power of vision and therefore have no idea if there was any fringe about the place but the evidence on my camera this morning does seem to indicate men of a long rock hair persuasion.”