No insights here, just fringes

Noott's fringe collection so far

Noott has started a blog, I’m overjoyed, shame it’s only about fringes:

“Three things convened which led me here. One, I was given a digital camera for Christmas which meant that – two, I started to take hundreds of pictures of any and every social event or non-event. Three, I started to notice a particular MySpace way of taking a stylised picture for a profile shot… that lone kid in room performs a kind of arm out higher than head, look up and pout into camera thing.”

Loving her description of Shoreditch House:

“People – you – vaguely – recognise – but – only – remember – who – they – are – by – identifying – their – ex (Lisa Snowden) or people – you – vaguely – recognise – but – only – remember – who – they – are – by – a – process – of – elimination (Dave Gorman)”

But good to see she hasn’t lost her taste for the lash:

“By this point I had lost the power of vision and therefore have no idea if there was any fringe about the place but the evidence on my camera this morning does seem to indicate men of a long rock hair persuasion.”

2 thoughts on “No insights here, just fringes

  1. Hair combed to the side does not a fringe make, number 6 line 2 and number 5 line 3 just about have fringes the rest do not. Unless they redefined the word that is.

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