Channel 4 now on a Mac

No idea when this actually happened, but finally they’ve sorted out whatever DRM issues were forcing them to make 4oD PC only and it’s now viewable on a Mac :)

I don’t watch broadcast TV anymore, why would you when you have on demand? Even though the BBC iPlayer is so amazing, it’s good to have the option of another channel.

Right I’m off to get my fix of Channel 4 On Demnd right now.

Update: Blimey it’s a bit of a nightmare trying to find programmes on there, the navigation is garbage… Stick all the shows in massive drop down box? Wtf is that all about?

2 thoughts on “Channel 4 now on a Mac

  1. Yeah, I got all excited about it as well (no telly either), but then got stymied because it’s rubbish to use, there’s hardly anything there, and what is a bit random. Oh well.

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