Christmas Cheat Sheet

You Know the story, it’s Christmas time, you want to buy your loved one the perfect present, but you can’t remember what size they are? You can’t ask them as that would blow the surprise. You root through their old stuff, but the sizes are contradictory – what is their general size?

Well to avoid any unnecessary trudging round the shops exchanging clothes this Christmas, fill out your vital stats on this cheat sheet and give it to anyone you’re expecting to get a present off. As long as they can read, hopefully this year everything will fit!

Christams cheat sheet of partners vital statistics

In response to Nicky’s vital stats diagram, I’ve made her this Christmas cheat sheet of my own measurements. Thought it’s too good of a thing to keep between ourselves, so I’ve made the ‘male’ version of the form as a PDF, download it here.

Any suggestion or improvements, let us know and I’ll try and work them in while I finish the ‘female’ version. Hope someone uses it!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Cheat Sheet

  1. Excelent idea. And it looks very good. It would be great if you could add in the female version, the “ring size”. I´ve been trying to find out that for a while, and i think this is an excellent way of do it..

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