Cookie’s weigh in

Cookie before walking the Continental Divide Trail

This is photo Day 0, from here on in it’s just going to get more and more hairy, much dirtier and probably less chubby cheeked too.

Cookie's weight at the start

It’s tradition to do a pre-walk weigh in – This is my weight today, on the scales it says 185 pounds. In English that’s 13.2 stone, or 84 kg. It’s going to be interesting to see how much we loose during the walk… I’d be quite happy to get down to 12 stone ;)

Weight of Cookie's rucksack

Also it’s good to know how much is in your pack – This is the weight of my rucksack starting out, on the scales in says 35 pounds. In English that’s 2.5 stone, or 15.9 kg. we’ve got about 6 days worth of food packed in and our water full, so this is a fairy accurate ‘average’ weight of what we’ll be carrying right across America. Bit heavier than I was hoping though…

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