Crying + Wanking = Cranking

Someone at work came across the phrase Cranking the other day, a word to describe crying and wanking simultaneously. Obviously we loved it, and have been using it in conversation as much as possible, i.e:

“Where’s Kester today? He’s on holiday, probably in his shed cranking

So with much amusement I received this link today – Ready everyone? Get Cranking. Apparently there’s a song that’s spent seven weeks at the top of the US chart called Crank That. It’s got it’s own dance called crank that see YouTube clip. This quote just cracks me up:

“One of the most impressive YouTube mass Cranks is performed by hundreds of people in a packed Surrey nightclub.”

It’s officially released in Britain on December 17, making it a serious contender for Christmas No 1. If it does make it, I think I might have a little Crank myself.

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