Crazy Cook Monument

And we’re off! With the Mexico border at our backs this, this is us starting our walk towards Canada :)

11 thoughts on “Crazy Cook Monument

  1. A little history on the Crazy Cook monument – before you think it’s named after Cookie;) heh.

    “It’s in the middle of nowhere. No border checkpoint. The monument is a piece of concrete that has inscribed the cold blooded murder of man by a crazy cook in 1907.” Wah. Scary. Surprising anyone ever found out about it out there.

  2. Yey! WooHoo! Go Go Cookie and Paul! 1,2,3,4 … 1,2,3,4 .. 1,2,3,4 .. and so on – you’ll be there in no time ;)

    Is that Rock on the floor the Crazy Cook Monument then? Looks like it has runes on it .. !

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