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David Gest’s blog has just launched. It was another fun POKE project, basically the brief was to make something a bit bonkers and fun! I was responsible for art direction, design and illustration, and had a lot of fun with the look and feel of this one. The reason for it existing is he’s got a new reality TV show on ITV shortly, and it’s purpose is to advertise that, but hopefully David might keep adding things to it after the show finishes. Most of the content is video clips of David and his bizarre behaviour, some of it is very funny indeed.

If you like the look of the site you can download a desktop of the tiled background I made for the it here.

2 thoughts on “David Gest’s Blog

  1. Good God man. Seen your episode on Homes by the sea. WHY England. You should come to Canada. You would absolutely love it here. Cost of living is spectacular. How about a big log house, mountain in behind, skiing in the winter, hiking, fishing, etc in the summer. Relaxing in the hot tub or pool in the summer. Four wheeling, snowmobiling, exploring, clean country air, NO RULES, liquor store down the street, a forest beside the property that needs an imagination. I want to build a totem pole village, for all to come and admire. It’s my heaven and it’s not for sale but I think that it would be right up your alley. You would adore it. There are plenty of places like this in Canada. You should come and check it out.
    I’m an artist too and I was signing the down payment check as I drove up the driveway, before I ever entered the full 3 acres. I knew I was at my resting place. It’s a total inspiration. A heaven within a heaven. The tour train runs through the back of the property in the fall and the multi- colored shingles on the roof of my outback cabin, that I built all by myself is an extra sight for the tourists to see. They visit the Agawa Canyon. We have a famous Ski hill just 1 minute away also…but U do not ski. The fall colors are unbelievable and breath taking. You should come visit. We’d love to have you.

  2. Hi there David…I soo enjoyed your top 40 songs on TMF regarding Michael Jackson. I would love to know if I could purchase this as it was just sooo nice and I want a keepsake of him. Pleaseeee can you help me out David, I miss him soo very much and loved his music and watching him perform.
    He will be sooo missed…God Bless MJ…R.I.P.

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