Idon’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited by the prospect of using a website before. The damn thing’s in private beta, I’ve submitted me email, but how long is it going to take before I gain access? I don’t think I can stand the suspense! I’m sure you all know of Nicholas Felton’s dedicatedly detailed and beautifully designed annual reports. Well he’s gone and teamed up interactive designer Ryan Case and built an online version – DAYTUM – for us all to track our daily data.

I can feel that this is going to be massive, as a serious tool and for comedy value (spoof stats). I hope it does well and they’re able to keep on developing it, there’s massive potential here. Get on there now, sign yourself up and have a look though some of the beta testers stats.

Update: Nicholas kindly got in touch and sent me an invite, just been adding my stats (mostly of a booze related nature), you can now see all my 2009 data here. Also the Feltron 2008 Annual Report is now here.

3 thoughts on “DAYTUM

  1. I didn’t have to wait long either. I’ve had a beta account for several months, but have only been actively recording data since the beginning of the new year. There are obviously some current limitations, but the site is done quite well, and I am enjoying using it.

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