Dictators of Fashion

Social Suicide - Dictators of Fashion

I got a sneak peak of Social Suicides Dictators of Fashion collection when I bought my yellow suit. First impressions, very nice :) Juicy pics on their site, although the online store doesn’t seem to have any stock yet.

I want to like the Churchill suit (top pic) but I’m drawn to the de Gaulle below, lovin’ the asymmetrical leather trim detail. Apparently mimicking a ‘Sam Brown’, which is a leather belt that passes over the shoulder to suspend a holster, whatever looks great.

Social Suicide - Dictators of Fashion

4 thoughts on “Dictators of Fashion

  1. Hi

    Are Social Suicide still producing fine mens waer?
    Do they have a new pop up shop?
    Does anyone know how to ocntact them?


  2. I know what you mean, the Churchill is just too corporate and authoritarian, whereas the Sam Brown is cool. Not sure how it relates to the suit in the painting ‘tho…

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