Dog Carpets

Dog Carpets

Apologies, this is quite disturbing. I think that artist Ondrej Brody has spotted something though – this wouldn’t shock me if it was a Lion or Tiger, but I’m horrified when it’s a domestic pet. That’s pretty fucked up. Trust me though, this is nothing compared to the weird rat pants on the pdf you can download from here. (Not safe for work)

14 thoughts on “Dog Carpets

  1. I agree that these pics are difficult to look at but if you read the article and the research that accompanies these upsetting pictures you will realize that the animals were not killed for the carpets. The animals were dead already, euthanized by corrupt South American governments to control the population of strays, the artists were only bringing awareness to this terrible process; the poodles and cats etc were pets who were also deceseased and the owners did not want to deal with the corpses. The exhibit was intended to upset people in order to bring awareness to hunting for sport. Compassionate people will take note when upset by images.
    As for the douche that said “F all the cats and dogs” sorry your daddy raped you when you were a child!

  2. how could yuhh do thiz to animalz doq have been here for yearz nd have beeen with humanz for yearz.. nd they protect yuhh when yuhhr in danqer.. how would yuhh feel if yuhh were ah doq nd yuhh were killed then skined to be made into a carpit.. i bet yuhh wouldntt like it. qod didntt make these amazinqq animal to be skined nd kill to be made into a carpit.. there were made to make lonly poeple to feel loved nd for there dogs to show people that they have somebody that will love them no matter what.. yuhh should think aboutt if yuhh were a dog lover nd you show this.. yuhh would be diappointed in man kind to hurt these amazing animals to put in yuhhr home nd soon they will get dirty nd yuhh will just throw them away nd wont feel a thing about wastinqq this amazing animals life for them to just be throwin in the treash.

  3. I’m with you on this Cookie, although I am also pretty bothered by tiger carpets.

    For the ranting commenters, I’m guessing the artist didn’t grab these animals from the hearths of their loving owners’ lounges. They are probably euthanised pound animals.

    An thought occurred to me though, prompted by the comments: I wonder how long it will be before we see a human carpet in an art gallery.

  4. carpets made of dead animals in general, and of dogs and cats in particular, are DISGUSTING, not funny at all. Hopefully, the person who made it, will be exposed when it´s dead, or killed to MAKE CARPETS, so everyone can see his dead face and naked-nude body. you know, cats and dogs had proved throughout the centuries, to be such great friends of human race (such a mistake from them.. and here´s why), that doing this is not only insulting for them, and unsensitive, but imbecil (which is actually a synonim of unsensitive).

    imbecil who makes this shit; imbecil who publishes this shit.

  5. i would like to see the carpet of those who created this carpet,cruelity to those animals who cant say anything,you will hear their last cry whenever you sleep

  6. I feel this is fucking sick no matter what animal we use. I rather skin people alive and use them for decoration

  7. this is tottaly fucken messed up pet have feeling naimals have feel how that hell would this person feel if he was only made to be killd and used as a carpet and it even wrong to have a tiger carpet they are beautiful but endangers this is the funken ugless thing i ever seen


    You guys crack me up…would love to blog roll with you as some of my readers are your kind of peeps.

    See ya in the funny papers…

    Good luck with the trip.
    Southern smiels and world peace,

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