Dom Goodrum, Digital Ninja

Design work of Dom Goddrum

I was just discussing with Nicky the other day how funny it was that non of the designers at POKE really had their own portfolio sites. I suppose it probably because:

  1. We’re all so happy working here that we don’t want to draw peoples attention to ourselves and lure us away.
  2. Or perhaps it’s because we’re worked to the bone and don’t have the time.
  3. Or maybe we’re all down Owl & Pussycat whenever we’re not working and just haven’t got round to it.

Well Dom must have avoided the pub for a couple of weeks because he’s just knocked out a little portfolio of his skills. A solid mix of stuff in there, be sure to check it out. But wait a minute, does this mean you’re trying to peoples attention to lure you away Dom?

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