Hiking along the divide

After our detour traverse of the Tetons we added up how many miles we’d been walking in the wrong direction (south) and deducted that from the next section of the CDT. Where we’ve ended up is Lima, hiking along the border between Idaho and Montana. My dad and brother hired a car and dropped us off, we drove along side the mountains we’d be missing out – think we made the right choice, the Tetons were infinetly better!

One thought on “Hiking along the divide

  1. Hows it going guys? We met in Tetons section!
    This is Andy the southbounder.
    The day after I left you guys I found fresh wolf prints and bear tracks in your footsteps……….for miles!!
    The wolf was going in the other direction though!
    In the evening I was watching a beaver and something attacked it! The next day I found fresh wolf prints! Exciting stuff
    How many grizzly did you see
    Check out my stories on
    Facebook ‘The 3000 mile hike’
    Good luck chaps!

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