King & Queen of Sports Game

International King & Queen of Sports

International King & Queen of Sports is the perfect way to break the ice, entertain and woo the girl/guy of your dreams! Well it’s a bit of fun anyhow… I made it for a valentines a few years ago and thought it was about time I dusted it off and gave it a second outing. Basically it’s a competitive drinking / pubcrawl type game designed for 2 people.

What you get:

  • An editable Illustrator file of both the King & Queen score cards
  • 2 chest numbers to print out and attach while competing
  • Full instructions & rules and regulations of how to play

Download the free King & Queen of Sports Illustrator files here. Feel free to use it in anyway you see fit. For those of you who don’t have Illustrator, you can download a set of pdf’s of the scorecards and numbers here.

There’s 17 mini games to play (you don’t have to complete them all) here’s a basic description of them in order:

  1. Tally up your pints, 10 points each – remember this isn’t a date, it’s a pub crawl, so drink!
  2. Highest free standing tower – Think empire states building, iron girders and all – use the marshmellows as joints and the spaghetti as girders. You might need to get a referee to judge the tallest if it’s a close call.
  3. Darts is obvious, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a pub with a board these days…
  4. Bar Billiards – tricky one, the only pub I know of in London which has it is the Owl and Pussycat on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. You’re in luck though, as it’s also the finest pub in the whole of London so should definitely be on your list of pubs to crawl to.
  5. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghing the longest – this is a game inspired by one of the GI Joe clips over at Fensler film. Basically you both start saying ‘baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr’, first person to run out of breath loses.
  6. Beer mats tossed – flip ’em and then catch ’em.
  7. Biggest bubble gum bubble.
  8. Table football – some folk call it fussball, you all know how to play
  9. The trussing game – this is my favourite, it’s an old Victorian parlour game, but requires some diagrams to properly explain… google it, I’ll try and do a proper post about it later.
  10. Dominoes
  11. Karaoke – you need a referee to judge
  12. The splits – you know trying to touch the floor with your crotch while your legs are straight – the lady will more likely win this one.
  13. Portraits – drawing each other (you’ll need so paper and pens) – you also need a referee to judge.
  14. Pool
  15. Derek Zoolander Award – most outrageous clothing on the day bags these points.
  16. Best banter (mutual decision)
  17. French Kissing – save this for last!

You should also have with you a bottle of Champagne, so at the end of the night when the scores are added up, the winner can spray it all over the loser, grand-prix style.

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