I’ve Found the holy grail!

I knew something like this had to exist, and finally I’ve found it :) Bar Tenders instant Margarita mix – can’t wait to try it out on the trail. Good job we found it too as the turn out for our margarita competition was poor, as in zero :( never mind, we’re sorted now, they even do a tonne of different flavours, check out the range on the back!

3 thoughts on “I’ve Found the holy grail!

  1. Cookie & Paul,
    Hey Guys, I was wondering how the socks are holding up?
    I work for a company that distributes socks for Columbia…could possibly hook you guys up if you are in need.

  2. Good luck going forward. I was down on Wolf Creek pass two weeks ago and there is still plenty of snow to go around.

  3. Hey, I sent you guys a card with some powdered lemon and lime powder! :( *mad* And I know I sent it with plenty of time to get there by the 13th. Ah well, its out there somewhere…

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