Lost 35 pounds, raised £2,019.99

A big thankyou to everyone who has sponsored us :) So far we have raised a whopping £2,019.99 for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, I am sure there will be more to come now that we have made it to the end. Remember you can sponsor us online here.

Well in the process of raising all those pounds, we have lost quite a few ourselves! Here is our before and after shots so that you can laugh at how much we have changed!

Simon Cook

Originally I was 185 pounds, cleanly shaved and sported a fine moustache. Now I am 150 pounds, and a bit of a beardy weirdy. (The lady who drove us to Lethbridge said when she first saw me, she thought I was a crystal meth addict) Think I need to put a bit of that weight back on… Also my hair has changed colour quite a lot since I have been away, my eye brows have almost gone white!

Paul at the start

Originally he was 168 pounds, cleanly shaved and going a bit bald on top. Now he is exactly the same as me, 150 pounds and also a bit of a beardy weirdy and still a bit bald up top. Although I think he has clearly won the beard growing competition with that big bush on his chin.

“I will be a bit sad to see the beard go as it has kept me warm the last month or so but my girlfriend Claire has already started the bribery proceedings and it will be getting shaved off when I meet her in Calgery in a few days.

All in all the trip has been a fantastic experience and one that will not be beaten for a very long time. Its been an opportunity to have a real adventure and we will be boring family and friends for years to come with stories and anecdotes of the trip.

I would also like to thank everyone that has sponsored us so far for their suport and generosity but there are still a lot of our friends who we will be chasing when we see them next. You know who you are….” Paul  


16 thoughts on “Lost 35 pounds, raised £2,019.99

  1. I just finished watching your full length video this evening. Amazing, amazing adventure! I plan on doing the John Muir Trail next summer in California (where I live), a measly 210 miles.

    Some of the steep snow scared me just sitting at my kitchen table. You guys had some nerves. Way to do the whole trail!

    I liked your humor, the music was fantastic (especially for a fifty-something like myself), I appreciated your willingness to carry extra weight to do your hike your way (booze, that is), and you convinced me that trekking poles would be brilliant on a tough trail like that (I’ve never bothered with them so far). Thank you for the fantabulous video!

  2. well done lads, not sure what happened with that last supply box, thought it had plenty of time…oh well at least there was other stuff for you to pillage, and I guess your box may help someone else out!

    rest them legs and feet!


  3. You both look beautiful!
    I wish you would have gotten my margariata mix, but it got returned even though you had a forward you said. Ah well.
    I so enjoyed keeping up with your travels! :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH, AN ABSOLUTE MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT!! So proud of you both…….I’ve followed the Blog from the start & it has been an excellent read with fantastic photo’s. Enjoy your week off to celebrate. Paul I’ll see you at Heathrow Airport before I go travelling for a year but I ain’t doing much walking!! WELL DONE AGAIN LADS!!

  5. I’ve been watching this blog pretty much since you started from the Mexican border. Congratulations on finishing. That is a great accomplishment. I wish I had the time to take a trek like that. Some day I will. I’ve always wanted to do the PCT. I’ve done a few small sections, but I’ll do more some day. I really enjoyed all the photos you shared along the way. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nicky told me last night that you’ve finally crossed the border…I couldn’t quite believe! A M A A A A A A Z I N G!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys. Can’t wait to have a few pints at the OAP when you’re back :) Well done, its been great to follow you here!!

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