Made by Nico

Nico Nuzzaci

You might of noticed I’ve been updating a few things round here, well I think I’ve finally got my blog looking and working just as I like it now. Still got a loads of work to add to the portfolio, will be adding new/old stuff each evening. Apologies to folk who subscribe to my RSS, I think my post dating of old work might be a bit annoying…

Anyhow, just wanted to give a big thank you to Nico Nuzzaci who built it for me. He’s made it super easy for me to update, it’s just the same as posting normal blog entries but to special hidden categories. I’m loving it :) The multi talented Nico not only designs and develops at Poke, but he’s also lead guitar in CRANK, rock on!

Also a pre-emptive nod to Knotty who’s trying to figure out how to get my Google maps widget working for our Continental Divide Trail walk shortly.

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