Making Tracks

This section of the CDT through the San Juan mountains was by far the best section of the trail so far. What makes it even more rewarding is that out of all the other hikers we have met on the trail we were the only ones to take on this challenge.

There is something great about being the first people to make tracks in the snow but it does mean that you have to be constantly alert to where your are and where your heading. There are no foot prints to follow and more often than not the trail is buried beneath a few feet of snow. With no GPS and only a map and compass at hand our navigational skills were put to the test. For anyone that follows us were sorry! We often bushwhack following compass bearings that do not follow the trail but we get there in the end. I would advise that unless you have crampons and do not mind a few hair raising traverses and descents then I would probably double check your map before following our footsteps! Good luck! Paul

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