Moustache Pint Glass

Moustache Pint Glass

Now that I’ve shaved mine off, I could re-live my former hirsute glories by drinking out of this moustache engraved pint glass ($15). I’m really liking the idea of augmenting someones face while they’re drinking a pint. If I worked for Guinness, I’d be designing a whole range of foamy moustache and beard variations to put on their branded glasses, maybe even some speech bubbles – ‘who’s round is next? I’m almost empty’ type thing.

Via: Uncrate | Cheers for the heads up Rafa.

6 thoughts on “Moustache Pint Glass

  1. this is excellent. you can etch glass yourself pretty easily with solution (you just mask off the bits you don’t want etched by the acid). In fact, this has given me an idea

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