Mt Cook Video

I‘m just testing post formats of this theme, but this video happens to be my favourite section of New Zealand if you fancy a watch.

8 thoughts on “Mt Cook Video

  1. That is one impressive video, inspires me to have a go and move beyond stills. I hear from a guy in a bank in Halifax that you are soon in the Alps doing the GR5. I’ll be a couple of weeks behind you and hope you will have cleared the snow.

    Good luck


  2. Did you take the video down? Perhaps the link is broken or I am click-disabled. I will put down my beverage and try again.

    Otherwise, thanks for the great hiking documentation. Life needs more adventure.

  3. Hey there…. Love the video….what a magical moment your captured… you could have hiked there a thousand times and not been lucky enough to capture that amazing scene with the clouds in the valley… those are the moments that make hiking worth it all…..have to say i’m a big fan of your work…. I’ve watched your CDT video over and over… really well made…my wife and i start the trail in may….getting really excited about it and have to say your video really helped my wife and friends see what the CDT was all about..thanks for that… i followed you along your New Zealand hike and WOW…. now that trail is on my list of must hikes to do…. thanks for all your creativity and helping to inspire me on my journey…maybe one day we’ll cross paths on some trail….


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