New Mexico section of the CDT

I‘ve been back for well over a month now, but I’ve only just got round to starting the mammoth job of editing the hours of footage I shot of my walk across America… It’ll be a while before I get it all done, so I thought I’d upload some little chunks as and when I get them done. First up is New Mexico in 2 minutes, set to the beat of Dueling Banjos from the film Deliverance.

New Mexico was without doubt the worst section of the CDT, it’s not very mountainous and there wasn’t many footpaths, a lot of the time we were walking on dirt roads or bush wacking. It was hot as hell, not a great deal of shade and very little naturally occuring surface water. Most of our water was pumped out of the water table for cattle and we usually had to filter it from their troughs… some weren’t that bad, some were bloody awful, I was quite surprised by what I was happy (genuinely really happy) to drink when desperate!

It wasn’t all that bad though, it was interesting walking through the desert, although I wouldn’t really want to do it again (once is enough). The Gila River and surrounding wilderness area were amazing (not to mention the hot springs). Pie Town was super friendly, just before Cuba and then further north to Colorado was all good. It was also the cheapest state and the stars at night were awesome.

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