Mexican Boarder to Lordsburg

Bloody hell this stage was tough and our feet are battered! A word of warning, never buy shoes online without trying them on first!

This was a harsh section to break us in not solely because of the 20 miles a day but more the hostile terrain and desolate environment. We either walked on tracks that were uneven and rocky under foot or bushwhacked through shrubs that tear your legs to shreds. The Landscape was barren with little or no respite from the baking sun and no sign of running water. Restocking our water was a constant gamble as we relied on the few cattle troughs on the trail of which many were dry. We ran out of water on a few occasions and if it were not for Sam Hughes water cache it would have been more often. We did however fight on with blisters weeping knowing that a steak dinner, a few bottles of beer and what turned out to be a full bottle of tequila would reward our efforts.

I entered Lordsburg with with the tune on repeat in my head “Things can only get better” – Paul.

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