Threadless T-Shirt Submissions

I posted a while back some ideas me and my housemates had for T-Shirts one night down the pub. Well I’ve finally got some free time again, so have started churning them out. Click on the pictures below to vote (if I get one printed they give $2000)

I moustache GB. A lot of people seem to love NewYork these days, personally I moustache Great Britain :) Vote!

I moustache Great Britain

It won’t be you. The national lottery suggest ‘it could be you’, we think not. Vote!

It won't be you t-shirt

Yes, please, thankyou. That pretty much covers everything. Vote!

Yes, please, thankyou. T-Shirt

Do I have a lovely pear? This is the kind of idea you can expect to come up with when drinking with 2 girls and thinking about t-shirts. Vote!

Do I have a lovely pear t-shirt

Boozing & pulling are two of my favourite things. Well aren’t they everyones! Vote!

Boozing and pulling t-shirt

I rock, you suck. This is a classic Sachi statement. Vote!

I rock, you suck t-shirt
Big Shoes, big hands. I don’t understand this one myself, think it’s a girl thing – something to do with a big fanny! But I like it’s ambiguity. Vote!

Big shoes, big hands t-shirt

They don’t seem to going down too well within the Threadless community at the moment… I think they only like t-shirts with pictures on, well I’ve got a some of those coming up over the next few days so hopefully they’ll fair a bit better!

7 thoughts on “Threadless T-Shirt Submissions

  1. hey i’m from the threadless community!! (getting ready to be shot down) I haven’t actually commented your designs… (at least you know i haven’t been abusing your art haha) but i just wanted to say that i did quite like that “It won’t be you” shirt with the guys face on the front. I’m from Aus so i had no idea of the add campaign but i really enjoyed the cynical message, and that you can read anything into it that you want ;) I had a look at your ideas below the shirts, and i can’t speak for the rest of threadless but i know plenty of northern territorians who would dig the “was a six pack” shirt. I don’t know maybe you didn’t sub it because it had been done before? Wish you luck in the future anyway.

  2. In retrospect I would tend to agree. It was just a typeface that I’d drawn for a recent project and it was on my computer and in my head at the time. Glad you liked some of them though Steve!

  3. I’m curious – why do you use the same florid font all the time? Some of your shirts are quite funny, but I think a little variety might make them better.

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