Paginator 3000

Paginator 3000

You may of noticed the new style of pagination I have at the bottom of the page, well it’s a WordPress plugin called – Paginator. It’s probably my favourite plugin, so simple, but when you got quite a big archive of posts, very handy indeed. It’s based on Paginator 3000 by Karaboz (all in Russian) and was made into a wordpress plugin by dzhus.

I fist saw it used on The Strange Atrractor and thought I’ve got to find out how they did that! A bit googling later I found it and was surprised it was so easy to impliment (for wordpress blogs anyhow).

The next thing on my list is to find out the best was to impliment those tabbed sidebar widgets I’m starting to see all over the place.

2 thoughts on “Paginator 3000

  1. Glad you liked the idea! It’s a pretty neat plugin, which I actually stole from designyoutrust. Archives wouldn’t page forward correctly when I first installed it, but after some code massaging it works really well.

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