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  1. Message for Todd James…
    Yo I’ve been trying to look you up on the internet for a while. In 94 I met some dude from AOK in a miami penit. I forgot what he wrote cause I was smashed at the time, but I was 14 and already pushing AOK at the time but for us it was Always On Kronic and Attacking Other Krews. He told me there was an AOK in New York, The ALL OUT KINGS. He said to look up the history of AOK in the 80’s and that if my crew wanted to use the NY acronym to start pushing it. Since then Miami’s AOK Crew has made a notorious name for itself. Positive and Negative. In the mid 90’s we got our fame from bombing trains and highways. In 1998 there was a year long investigation on us and we were Ricco Acted. WE paid our dues even though we were innocent of most of the charges. Since then, the few that remain have taken all the negative and are pushing AOK in a positive light, doing murals for the city and local stores.
    I would be grateful if you could drop me a line and tell me what you think, being that you and MESH were the founders of The ALL OUT KINGS…
    Take some time to go through my myspace page..

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