Sketchcast is a little flash doodle app that also lets you record voice notes over the top then post to your blog. Not quite Cock-a-doodle, but pretty handy. I’m sure they’ll be some pretty funny stuff done with it soon enough, lets you record loads of pen strokes. Note – You can scrub the scroll bar to speed up the drawing, it is a bit show at normal speed when there isn’t voice over the top.

Check out my Sketchcast channel.

Via Drawn!

2 thoughts on “Sketchcast

  1. Thats addictive. Have you ever thought of recording one of your illustrator creations with something like snaps pro x (screen recordings)? I’d love to see how you build up one of your designs in illustrator (as i’m still trying to get to grips with it). You could get it on youtube and be world famous! : )

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