Steak & Apple Pie

High Country Restaurant in Chama

It’s been a while since our last steak & apple pie post, not because we haven’t had any, but because none were really worth blogging about. Until we came here, to the High Country Restaurant in Chama.

Steak and chips

The hand cut Porterhouse steak was superb, cooked to perfection and just just look at how much of the plate it takes up :)

Apple Pie & Icecream

The apple pie was a little dissapointing, all crust and not much apple, but the pastry power should propel us back up the mountain tomorrow morning !

All in all I’d give this one a 8 out of 10 and say it was the best we’ve had yet! It just beat the Red Barn in Silver City due to the fine selection of beers it had on tap – Snow Cap, yum yum :)

3 thoughts on “Steak & Apple Pie

  1. Food porn. It’s food porn, that’s what it is.

    All you need is Groove Armada playing in the background with Dervla Whats-er-face giving it the full Montague and you’d have an M&S advert.

    Keep up the good work, chaps.

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