Surprise Birthday Party!

Cookie's Surprise Birthday Invite

My housemates threw a surprise birthday party for me last Saturday (3rd of Feb) It was so nice of them and I apprieciated it very much! Think it was a real nightmare for them though, as I’d split up with Dude, my girlfriend on Friday. I think it was her job to keep me away until the appropriate time on Sat, but as it happened I turned up on Friday with a taxi cab full of stuff from my recent eviction. El , Sachi and Josie did an amazing job of keeping me occupied all day Saturday, and away from the house until 9pm when the party kicked off. Had a great night, went to the Russian bar at 4 in the morning… can’t remember much after that.
Sachi made some lovely invites for the party, which I was sent afterwards:

Cookie's Surprise Birthday Invite

My brother’s got a load of photos which he hasn’t sent me yet, but here’s a couple from Dom:

Cookie's Surprise Party 2007

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