Surprise Crank Gig

Crank playing live

Last night I was surprised with an intimate gig by CRANK at the Premises rehearsal studios, above is a shitty shot of them in action. Unfortunately I’m not going to have chance to see them in concert before I go on my big walk (ClubPub got put back…) but I loved every second of my sneak peak yesterday :) I must say, they’re bloody good and bloody loud. I was told they’re the only band who’s had to be told to keep it down at the rehearsal studios!

I think my favourite song was a version of Because I wanna by The Hives, I thought Nico was going to tear all the strings from his guitar while playing. As a final touch they performed I would walk 500 miles as a farewell to me – Cheers guys, I’m hoping to walk considerably more than 500 miles though…

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