Lighting a fire and trying to balance 11 nails on 1

I’m a bit late at getting round to blog this, but at the begining of May me and Knotty went on a 3 day survival course! It was our Christmas present from POKE and was run by Trueways up on the Yorkshire Dales/Lake District boarder.

Basically turned up and they said “right there’s a wood, go chop down some trees, build your shelter and make a big fire”. It was a fairly informal ‘blokes weekend away’, the 2 instructors were a good mix; one was ex SAS proper army bloke, the other went feral at 16 and travelled round the country living off the land for the last 30 years.

We did get into a bit of trouble when I got out my stash of Stella, but apart from that it all when well (apart from a few down pours).Above is me making the first fire and trying to figure out a great nail puzzle (got to balance 11 on 1, took me a while), below is our handsome shelter for the weekend.

Our survival campsite shelter

3 thoughts on “Survival

  1. Hi Si, im working in swansea now ( living in Pembrokeshire. I’m spending as much time as i can surfing, climbing and mountain biking, cramming in work and eating in between. How are you? Living it large in the big smoke?

    Love the blog by the way, been looking at it all arvo!

  2. Hi Si, found your blog whilst sniffing round the web. The outdoor course looks mint, you should of course have tap’d me up for the info as i am a proud owner of the chief scout award. Nevermind, nevermind :)

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