I have a bit of a t-shirt fetish, trying to cut back on it, but over the years I’ve bought hundreds… A lot of people ask me where I get the from, well here are some of the places (in no particular order):

2k by Gingham

  • 2k by Gingham, more shit hot shirts than you can shake a stick at (top tip: Their postage to UK is a bit pricey, amazon stock alot of their tees and postage is much more agreeable)
  • Imperfectionist, I like their Wallpaper Squared range.
  • Barking irons Kind of Victorian/Cowboy, Expensive but nice (get tees a size larger than you normally would).
  • dadawan, French store, lots of interesting designs, guy who runs it is really helpful.

johnny cupcakes

  • Johnnny Cupcakes, classic t-shirt fare here. I especially like the new limited edition monster series illustrated by Thom Glick.
  • The Drama Store, UK based outfit, you can get a load of mags, zines, toys, books etc here, but the t-shirt they sell are sweet. I especially like the ones from the Delphi Collective
  • Threadless, if you haven’t heard of these guys yet, where have you been…
  • Split the Atom, it’s a bit like Threadless.
  • Howies is sweet.


  • Rockwell, love these tees, if I wasn’t being careful could spend alot of money on this site… designed by Parra, I’m liking his work.
  • Gew-Gaw Finery, some random vintage shit
  • Palmer Cash, more vintage tees here, some pretty funny ones too.
  • Vintage Vantage, for all your vintage t-shirt needs.

Imaginary Foundation

T-Shirt Blogs:

Torso, great set of links here
Preshrunk, lot of good finds here.
Cool Hunting has a good t-shirt section
Fancy Dan has a good t-shirt listing
T-Shirt Casserole, tees they’re in to are not really my cup of tea

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