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Igot an email from Threadless at the begining of the year letting me know that my tee Whale of a time was up for their whopping $20,000 Bestee award. Reason enough to encourage you my readers to go and vote I thought, but one look through all of 2008’s printed tees made me thing what’s the point, there’s so there’s so much good shit I don’t stand a chance, who’s going to vote me over the competition…

Well I’ve just been back, on a day that democracy triumphed (Obama was sworn in) no less, to discover that all the really good designs didn’t make it and the 20 finalists, in my opinion are a sorry state indeed. What’s going on here, do the public really think that these 20 designs are the best Threadless have produced last year? I think not, there must be some heavy campaigning going on to get these designs voted for by people with no clue and who probably don’t give a shit. Hang about, that’s pretty much how the  elections work as well isn’t it ;)

Well if you haven’t cast your vote yet, I’d recommend – Bye Bye Apocalypse by Budi Satria Kwan, a very clever bit of skull art.

5 thoughts on “Threadless Bestee Awards

  1. Not much of a story really, I was playing around with repeating patterns and created the wave shapes, thought they looked a bit like the sea so drew a big whale in the middle!

  2. Oh that’s funny. I didn’t knew that Whale of time was yours, ‘cuz I voted for it last week. I really adore that happy happy whale. I should get one for me. ;]

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