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I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about Trunki before, a bit slack of me… Anyhow Rob Law the guy behind Trunki is an old pal, we were house & course mates at university (I did an industrial design degree) it was back at uni that Rob designed the first Trunki, and I’ve seen him working at making it a reality relentlessly ever since. It’s a great little concept that you instantly ‘get’ as soon as you see it – Kids own suitcase that they can play with and ride about on while waiting around in airports, two jobs done in one, brilliant.

It’s been a tough road for Rob, he’s seen the original manufacturer go belly up, then had to borrow money to buy all the tooling back, then quit his job to concentrate on running the business full time, he’s had a roasting from the dragons den – didn’t get any cash. Probably for the best though, as business is really starting to taking off – He’s sold over 85,000 units, John Lewis says it’s one of their best selling hits of the summer, it’s also now stocked by Next, Mothercare, Fenwicks and even Harrods! Possibly the biggest news though is that Wal-Mart is the US is going to trial it in their stores.

All the best Rob, you deserve this success :-)

You can buy Trunki’s online through his website.

3 thoughts on “Trunki!

  1. Its a great product and our number one seller at

    Simple yet uniqe and practical, all our customers have raved about it, even those stopped at customs because they had not seen trunki before.

    One customer bought another the following day because her older son liked his brothers Terrance Trunki so much.

    If your looking for a good price then shop around, many stores have special offers or give free delivery

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