Unit 2 Taxi

purple london taxi

Quite excited by this – the other night my flatmate Emeline came home with a London cab she’d been given for free! There it is above, needs a bit of work, but it’s going to be sweet once we’ve got it all ship shape. Anybody know a good mechanic/garage in the Shoreditch/East london area that they’d recommend?

7 thoughts on “Unit 2 Taxi

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  2. Friend of the family used to own one, but said the hassle of people waving you down all the time or, worse, jumping in the back when you stopped at lights, made driving one a pain.

  3. cookie,not surprised emeline found that it would cost a packet to get running, twas the reason that my bro ended up giving away his own old cab (via freecycle, last year)
    but they are ace when they are running, and can turn so tightly!

  4. Not sure Hannah, but she took it to the garage and they said she could buy one off them in good working order for less than it would cost to do all the work on this one, so she might swap… not sure if that ruins the story? I’ll forward your email to Emeline.

  5. Three Colts Lane is your best bet for a black cab mechanic… its where they all get serviced… south of bethnal green off cambridge heath road!

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