Weekly Desktop Part 30

Cartoon man with big nose surfing black waves with orange sky

I‘ve just been reminded buy Made in England reader, that it’s been sometime since I last posted a desktop, just checked and it’s been nearly 2 months… Not quite keeping to my weekly target :( Anyhow’s thanks for the reminder Tess, this one’s for you – Surf’s Up! Download the desktop here »

In case you weren’t aware, you can see all of the desktops I’ve made here.

Update: The colours are starting to annoy now that it’s sitting on my desktop. I’ve done a new version you can see below. Download it here »

Cartoon fish, surfer and waves

7 thoughts on “Weekly Desktop Part 30

  1. Whoops!
    Apologies for the typo (well it is late!)
    The comment should read:

    I think they would really like the designs, which will help drive extra traffic to this site(assuming you want to!).

  2. Cookie

    These are great!
    Have you heard of Desktoptopia?
    I think they would really like the designs, and by for this site(assuming you want to!).


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