Weekly Desktop Part 38

Cartoon band crank

I‘ve finished drawing all the Crank band members and have made a desktop of them rocking out. You get it in Green, Blue, Yellow or Orange, hope you like it. Remember you can also get each character individually here. I’m really enjoying doing all this Poke band stuff, mainly because it’s all nonsense and just a bit of fun, refreshing change to the world of corporate web design!

Hopefully I’ll have time to finish the comic book story of Professor Crankingstein and his monster cock and how that led to the bands creation! More soon…


Cartoon band crank


Yellow cartoon band crank


Orange cartoon band, crank

8 thoughts on “Weekly Desktop Part 38

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  2. Wow! Really beautiful illustration. You should really summit this on Threadless.com . I’m pretty sure it would have great chances to become a t-shirt. Well, I would by it for sure!

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