Weekly Desktop Part 42

Cartoon Rat deserting sinking ship trapped in the ice

Feels like an age since I last did any drawing, well luckily the beer making Beck’s came to my rescue and commissioned me to reinterpret a famous album for their Cover Story project. I had to pick one from Pitchfork’s top 100 albums of the past 4 decades, my favourite album Moon & Antarctica by Modest Mouse was on there, so it was a easy decision.

Sadly my Reserved Rat won’t be seeing the light of day because it’s apparently too attractive to kiddies for booze related branding.. Well worry not, that means you can download it and have it on your desktop instead :)

My favourite album was Rex’s cover of the Beatles – Let It Be. Modern Toss made quite a corker too. You can see all of them here.

I’m not blown away Modest Mouse’s album artwork, so if you’d like to update your iTunes artwork (like I did) then best use this square version here.

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