We’ve made it to Canada!

At last we’ve made it to Canada and the end of our trail. It’s taken us 162 days to get here and 3000 odd miles. We’ve now just got about 4 more miles to do to get to Waterton town, where we can get as pissed as lords to celebrate :)

10 thoughts on “We’ve made it to Canada!

  1. Well done, Gents! Congrats on the long walk. Now go socially acclimate at a few pubs (don’t look at the tv until you’re ready!)

  2. WELL DONE COOKIE AND PAUL!!!! You did so well, and it was amazing to watch. Looks bloody cold there at the top of America. Have a great celebratory week and we’ll see you soon! :D xxx

  3. Woo hoo! Job done!
    Great stuff guys, many congrats to you both!
    Thinking its definitely a good thing though, you’re both looking a little deranged in that last piccie ;-) or is that just the sheer joys of finishing…Xxx

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