We’re in our new house

Cookie & Nicky's new house

Blimey it’s been an age since I last did any blogging, sorry folks I’ve been so busy working and then spending all my spare time moving in our new house and sorting things out, but finally we’re in! I hauled the last load yesterday and we did the obligatory trip to Ikea while we had the van. All we have to do now is throw a house warming party :)

Cookie & Nicky's new house

We haven’t moved far from Shoreditch, just a couple of miles up the road to Dalston. It’s a detached house, which is quite unusual in London, and even more unusual on our budget. It was actually built in the back garden of Landlords house! (he doesn’t live there anymore though)

Cookie & Nicky's new house

The house is certainly a pretty impressive piece of architecture, designed by Kyson (they’ve got some good pics),  it was even a finalist on Channel 4’s Grand Designs last year.

Cookie & Nicky's new house

One thing I’ve noticed since moving in is my desire to cook proper food has dramatically increased now that I’ve got a whole kitchen to myself :) Here’s me pulling the first pie I’ve cooked in ages out of our oven.

I’m sure they’ll be plenty more pics once we’re a bit more settled in, the house is due to host it’s first event this Friday – Me and Rex are going head to head in a game of Layer Tennis, but more about that to follow.

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