Where is Huddersfield?

Earlier today I was accused by Beddardo of having ‘no seaside knowledge’, I defended myself by explaining that my home town of Huddersfield is probably bang in the middle of Great Britain (top to bottom and left to right) and so far from the sea that knowledge of seaside things such as crab lines was unusual. She didn’t beleave me, so I made the diagram below to prove my point. Not quite, but it’s not far off!

Map of Huddersfield in the middle of Great Britain

4 thoughts on “Where is Huddersfield?

  1. Yeah it was not so much being furthest from the sea that I was trying to prove, more being at the centre of Great Britain. You doing well Dil?

  2. Cookie.. i think you’ll find that Leicester (or lie-sess-ter as pronounced by tourists) is the furthest town from the sea in all directions.

    It also has the largest indian community in Britain.. which is totally unrelated to your original post.

  3. Well, if the UK was a solid, movable object, Huddersfield would be very close to the ‘centre of mass’ which I would regard as the true centre… For those who need reminding about the center of mass, think about when you throw an axe or a hammer, the center of mass is the point it rotates around… closer to the heavier head than the measured center point. So yeah, Huddersfiels is probably the centre of mass ;-)

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