Zurich canal

Well I must say that Zürich exceeded my expectations, what a beautiful city! The thing I couldn’t believe was how clear the water was there? The river going through the city centre is crystal clear and an amazing shade of bluey green.

This here is a snap of a canal we passed with a canoe assault on it. Look at that water, made me just want to jump straight in! I’ve lived by Regent’s Canal for many years in London and never felt the urge to get my feet wet in that!

Zurich canal with a swan

2 thoughts on “Zürich

  1. glad you like zurich! it’s a lil boring to live in for years, but switzerland is nice for a break!
    there are swimming areas along the river (Flussbad Au Höngg: http://sospo.myswitzerland.com/details/?id=97&orderby=0&days=4&mode=0&regions=%3B3%3B) and you can check all water temperatures of the lake swimming areas (Seebad) too! (probably cleaner in the lake since it is upstream?) http://sospo.myswitzerland.com/home/?lang=en&days=4
    Have a dip if you’re staying for a few days… (and if the weather warms up!)

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