Sketchcast is a little flash doodle app that also lets you record voice notes over the top then post to your blog. Not quite Cock-a-doodle, but pretty handy. I’m sure they’ll be some pretty funny stuff done with it soon enough, lets you record loads of pen strokes. Note – You can scrub the scroll bar to speed up the drawing, it is a bit show at normal speed when there isn’t voice over the top.

Check out my Sketchcast channel.

Via Drawn!

Busted by the Bunnies

Cartoon strip of trying to get into playboy bunny party

Last night Kester and Dezza tried get into the launch party of Playboy’s new London shop. Sadly they got busted, but fortunately Kester made this comic strip about their attempt.

Superhero Fun Run

superhero fancy dress fun run

More on charitable theme, last saturday I ran a 8km fun run! Damn near killed me, my back is still buggered… Above is me flying across the finish in my improvised superhero outfit. It was all to raise money for the Savitri Waney Charitable Trust who do lots of nice things for folk over in India.

Tacheback 2007

Cock and balls with a donate sign hanging from it

For the month of September (considerably longer for me) the Hirsute poke elite have been growing their moustaches to raise money for everyman’s testicular cancer research. We’re almost at the end of the month so have created a moustache mix & match viewer on our homepage, click here see how they’re coming along.

There’s a link on there to our sponsorship page if you would like to donate to this worthy cause (it might save you scrotum)

One of my favourite combos below:

Cookie and dezza moustache mashup

New Sock Monsters

Black and spotty sock monster

It’s been a while since I’ve been in possession of a sewing machine, but at last I commandeered my mothers last weekend! First little dude off the production line was this chap above which I’m to calling Calvin Cat. I was showing Nicky how I make make my sock monsters at the time and she then went and totally out did me by crafting this fantastic little fella below, which I’ve nicknamed Ivor the Indestructable.

Checkered brown sock monster