Weekly Desktop Part 38

Cartoon band crank

I‘ve finished drawing all the Crank band members and have made a desktop of them rocking out. You get it in Green, Blue, Yellow or Orange, hope you like it. Remember you can also get each character individually here. I’m really enjoying doing all this Poke band stuff, mainly because it’s all nonsense and just a bit of fun, refreshing change to the world of corporate web design!

Hopefully I’ll have time to finish the comic book story of Professor Crankingstein and his monster cock and how that led to the bands creation! More soon…


Cartoon band crank


Yellow cartoon band crank


Orange cartoon band, crank

Weekly Desktop Part 37

Cartoon hairy rocker, playing guitar & Cranking

Currently I’m making some T-Shirts for the Poke band CRANK! Their first gig is coming up soon, not yet official, but likely to be April 16th at On the Rocks. Above is the design for one of them, he’s kind of a cross between Captain Caveman and the Wombles… Don’t really now why? Anyhow’s brighten up your desktop with him by downloading the image here.


Cartoon hairy rocker, playing flying v guitar & Cranking

Flying V guitars rule! Download this one here.

Another update:

Cartoon hairy rocker, singing with his cock out & Cranking

Rocking out with his cock out… Should probably explain that the name for the band Crank came from the word cranking, meaning crying & wanking simultaneously. Just so you don’t think I randomly drew a cock on it! Download this one here.

More updates:

Cartoon hairy rocker, smashing his guitar to bits

If you know the Poke band, you might be able to guess which member this is, smashing his guitar to bits. Download the slightly less hairy rocker here.

And finally:

Cartoon hairy drummer

The drummer completes the set! Download Mattias here.

Weekly Desktop Part 32

Crying and wanking desktop

Iposted a while back about the amusement the word cranking was giving us in the office (crying + wanking). Well it amused us enough for the Poke band to call themselves Crank in it’s honor! They’ve got their first gig coming up at the next ClubPub, which I can’t wait for :)

I had a few spare minutes this afternoon so had a go at creating them a logo… Not sure if they’ll like, but if you do, you can download it as a desktop here »

Weekly Desktop Part 30

Cartoon man with big nose surfing black waves with orange sky

I‘ve just been reminded buy Made in England reader, that it’s been sometime since I last posted a desktop, just checked and it’s been nearly 2 months… Not quite keeping to my weekly target :( Anyhow’s thanks for the reminder Tess, this one’s for you – Surf’s Up! Download the desktop here »

In case you weren’t aware, you can see all of the desktops I’ve made here.

Update: The colours are starting to annoy now that it’s sitting on my desktop. I’ve done a new version you can see below. Download it here »

Cartoon fish, surfer and waves