Basic Hip Digital Gold

Obscure albums to buy

Iwas looking for some interesting/obscure “Cowboy” music today, to edit a walking video to. I managed to find buried in my bookmarks Basic Hip Digital Gold, it’s a fairy large archive of bizarre recordings and all albums are downloadable full quality (320kbps) for only 66p!

They have categories for Exotica and Hawaiian, moog music (a personal favourite) Soundtracks (awesome covers), pop instrumentals and just plain weird stuff (check out the Nutty Squirrels).

Unit 2 Taxi

purple london taxi

Quite excited by this – the other night my flatmate Emeline came home with a London cab she’d been given for free! There it is above, needs a bit of work, but it’s going to be sweet once we’ve got it all ship shape. Anybody know a good mechanic/garage in the Shoreditch/East london area that they’d recommend?

Mike’s Steam Powered Tank

remote control steam powered tank

Mike Pearson is a project manager here at Poke, I knew he loved (& was very good at) making things, after he knocked up our burping booth last year. But I didn’t realise how deep his eccentric hobbyist building went until he turned up to work the other day with a remote controlled steam powered tank?!?! T’is a thing of bizarre beauty, you can read all about it on his blog Questioneering, see pictures of it on his Flickr, and you’ve got to check out his video of it here »

Good work Mike :) Can’t wait to see want’s next!